Tuesday, 1 December 2015

World AIDS Day on 1st Dec 2015

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. A day for taking load of the difficulties that humankind is confronting due to HIV/AIDS, and for commending our triumphs in supporting the general population influenced by the pandemic. 

It is additionally a day when we make a firm duty to support the accomplishments of the previous decades, and accomplish more, improve and reach further for the inevitable triumph over HIV/AIDS.

We have lived with this pandemic for over three decades. We have seen the high loss of life, separation of numerous families, the lessened life compasses in hard-hit nations, the increment in tyke mortality and the a great many kids stranded by HIV/AIDS. We have likewise seen the agony endured by individuals who are vilified and oppressed as a result of their HIV-positive status, and avoided from getting to the bolster, consideration and treatment administrations they so frantically require. 

Be that as it may, mankind has likewise endeavored to address the pandemic and discover approaches to facilitate this anguish. The bio medical disclosures, the worldwide endeavors in making accessible remarkable assets and the development of preventive, treatment, care and bolster administrations to millions influenced by HIV and AIDS have enhanced the personal satisfaction and balanced out the pandemic in numerous nations. 

Be that as it may, antiviral treatment is still not accessible to everything who need it. Anticipation messages have not been extended to the level required, and individuals living with HIV are still victimized. Numerous administrations have not yet put set up steady approaches for usage of damage diminished programs for infusing medication clients. There are numerous more undertakings we have to do.