Monday, 28 December 2015

Shalok Ucharan Competition Our school won at Block Level

In Shalok Ucharan Competition our school two students won at Block Level. In Shalok Ucharan Competition many schools took part from Bhuna block. Among all schools our two students reached at District Level.
Anureet Rinku

Road Safety Week Celebrated in Our School.

Our School 2nd Grade student Present a Play.In which they elaborate about the sign of the road.

Students Participated at National Level in Art Exhibition and Won Prizes

Our School Art Teacher Mr. Gursewak and two student Mamta and Rajni participated in Art Competition which was held by Anex Art Group. Anex Art Group is group in which there all over Indian artist participated. Among the all over Indian artist our school teacher and Two students won the prizes.
In Picture Mr. Gursewak, Mamta, Principal Mam and Rajni