Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Summer camp(NO Fee) in Gilly Mundy Memorial Community school lehrian from 23 May to 28 May

Summer Camp A Gateway to Children’s

 Development Introducing Summer Camp Summer is the time when children take time off from the regular going to school and also getting off from the curriculum. So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to learn the certain activities having fun. What can it Make a Difference Children in the age group of seven to teen years are in the molding stage. Right skills imparted now can help them shape their life and future.

Summer Camp has come up with ingredients to help children gain different life skills which will not only help themselves but also their surroundings. Saving water, sensitizing and helping fellow children in the immediate neighborhood, maintaining a healthy dietary habit since such an early age, beginning to set clear goals in life, managing time, keeping discipline in day-to-day life, even sensitizing elders would be what the children are supposed to grasp through the innovative design of the modules. In Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School Lehrian we organised a summer camp for the schools students. In this summer Camp Summer Camp Students learn many thing such as Yoga, Cooking, Dancing, Music, Spoken English, Stitching, Art & Craft, Best out of Waste etc.

Best Out Of Waste in Summer Camp