Monday, 25 July 2016

Seminar on Why GMMCS is best than other school

"WHY GMMCS IS DIFFERENT" Seminar given by Vice-Chairman Mr Jas Mundy.

When we set up the school, we were determined to show our attitude was very different: we firmly believe that all staff at the school, both teaching and non-teaching are part of the same team, deserving of the same respect. Thus the people who would in other schools be called ‘cleaners’ and not treated with respect, in GMMCS are called ‘health workers’ and they support the staff and children in many ways, as well as keeping the toilet areas sparkling clean.

All staff at GMMCS are paid a fair salary based upon their experience and performance which is reviewed on an annual basis. Other Schools we visited profess to be ‘secular’ but it was all too clear that they were promoting one religion or another, be it Christian, Sikh or Hindu. GMMCS is truly secular and respects all religions. Morning Assemblies and annual events have included material from Muslim as well as Sikh and Hindu stories.

GMMCS is a ‘non profit’ school. After covering our operating costs any profits are reinvested into the school to improve education and facilities. No individual takes any money out of the school accounts.

GMMCS are actively working towards providing educational opportunities for financially and socially disadvantaged members of the local community. Assisted Places Scheme – The school targets 25% of students paying reduced fees on a sliding scale from those families conformed as being Below Poverty Line.

The basis for the ethos of GMMCS is ‘Student Centred Learning’. We believe that the school exists primarily for the benefit of the students.

GMMCS has invested in solar cells which means that we are running on clean energy for most of the year. The campus is quiet and free from pollution.

The ethos of GMMCS is entirely about encouraging mutual support, not just among the staff, both teaching and non-teaching, but among the students too who need to learn that each one of them requires respect and has an important role to play as members of the same team, with the same goals.
  • RESPECT for all members of GMMCS and community.
  • HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY in all actions and activities.

  • INVOLVE THE STUDENTS in deciding the best approach to their education.
  • CREATE INDIVIDUAL WORK PROGRAMMES for the different needs of students.
  • ENABLE STUDENTS TO TAKE PART IN THEIR EDUCATION rather than have it imposed.
  • ENCOURAGE GROUP LEARNING so the students actively help each other.
  • INVOLVE PARENTS so that they fully understand and value this different approach to education.
"Why GMMCS is best than other schools" seminar translated in hindi