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The Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School (GMMCS) is an English Medium, Co-educational, CBSE-registered school in Lehrian, Fatehbad District, Haryana. It was opened in March 2008 on the first anniversary of the death of Gilly Mundy, the son of Mota Singh and Surinder Kaur from Leaminghton Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, whose family live in the nearby village of Buwan Kothi. It was there that, in December 2005, Gilly was married to Debbie Quargnolo - a wedding attended by many visitors from overseas. They returned home to set up a charity, the Buwan Kothi International Trust (BKIT) UK, which is the main sponsor of the GMMCS and aims to fill a gap in supporting rural education, which is often less popular amongst other UK charities than projects in urban areas and slums.

The GMMCS is led by our Principal and managing director Mr. Saudagar Singh Mundy and is run on a not-for-profit basis. Students attend from over 20 villages, transported daily by six buses provided by the school. Those parents who pay fees are charged less than other comparable institutions and as part of its mission, the school provides assisted places so that a minimum of 10% of children from unprivileged backgrounds can have the same education as those from wealthier families. The school also rejects discrimination on the basis of class, casts, religion or gender.

The school has adopted a different approach from other schools – it believes in developing a child-centred educational programme not always available to rural parts of India, as well as more artistic and creative activities. It has one of the largest playing fields in the area and is one of the few schools with three Smart Classrooms fitted with Interactive Whiteboards

The GMMCS has links with schools in the UK and is formally twinned with Weston Park School in north London. Students have built relationships with children from the UK through the exchange of letters, drawings and pictures and through working on creative projects together The aim is to extend these overseas links and to work with likeminded organizations in India to introduce the latest best educational practice.

In the coming years, the management committee of the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School, working with the Buwan Kothi International Trust in the UK and India, aims to:

Build more classrooms in order to accommodate pupils up to class 12

Develop sport and cultural activities for both students and the whole community

Build a Community Resource Centre to benefit local people, following a consultation phase to identify what resources arew most needed in the area

Before the Community Resource Centre has been built, to use the school for community-based activities (such as free eye tests)

Increase the number of assisted places to a minimum of 20%

Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School

Run by:

Buwan Kothi International Trust

Pioneer In Rural Education