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Founder's Message



Late Sd. MOTA SINGH, Father of Gilly Mundy

Founder BKIT U.K. & India.

I remember when the Trustees of the Buwan Kothi International Trust India decided to name the school, the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School. There was a special reason behind the inclusion of Community: it means a school for the local community, supported and run by them for their children.

This is not a profit making venture; any excess funds have been reinvested in the school. The 'profit' will be in the success of the children in becoming leading citizens of Haryana, India and the whole world. I offer sincere thanks to the people who have supported us, who helped fund the building of the school and especially to those community leaders who made a commitment to support it. BKIT UK and supporters have worked with real energy to make the dream into reality.

My thanks go to the Principal, teachers and support staff for their hard work and commitment. I also want to express my gratitude to the parents and all in the community for the support given to the school.

“This is our school and our children's school”. Together we can build a sustainable community in Haryana. Let us carry the torch of education, wisdom and love for all humanity and let our work be always at the service of the community.

Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School

Run by:

Buwan Kothi International Trust

Pioneer In Rural Education