Bus Rules for students
Ø Do not board or alight yourself from a moving bus.
Ø Sit down in the seat allotted to you.
Ø Do not walk around the moving bus.
Ø Do not break segregation rules in the bus.
Ø Do not talk loudly in the bus as it may distract the driver.
Ø Do not fight with other students.
Ø Do not litter thing & around, in or out of the bus.
Ø Do not keep your bags in the aisle or the walking space.
Ø Do not damage the interior of the bus, Any damage caused by you will be charged as fine.
Ø Allow primary Children to be seated first.
Ø Do not argue or disrespect the conductor.
Ø If you require to travel to different place or need to get down at a different stop then you need to bring in a written request from your parent and get approval from the principal.
Ø In case of permanent change of location, you need to meet the manager.
Ø You will not be allowed to use the school transport after school activities if you are not regular to avail transport facility.

Ø If you repeatedly break the bus rules then you may debarred from using the school transport.